Industry Talk

  • The New Rules Surrounding Drill Mud

    A lot of our directional driller clients have recently been asking why they can’t dispose of their drill muds the way they always have. The talk usually starts with something along the lines of “I have been taking it to my buddy’s place out in the woods for years!” “I know a land farm that […]

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  • How Do You Dispose of Drill Mud?

    Directional drilling is an incredibly effective and versatile way of installing utilities with minimal disruption in established areas. Rather than open trench methods that are costly and disruptive, utilities can be placed underground around and underneath existing structures and roads. This has grown through the years to become the preferred methodology and is often the […]

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  • SR&R Saves the Day for CFPUA, Assisted Living Communities During Hurricane

    During the tail end of Hurricane Florence’s onslaught on the Wilmington area, a serious problem was discovered. As the storm lingered over the area for days dumping torrential amounts of rain, the emergency standby generators that enable the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) to provide clean drinking water to the area were in danger […]

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