Gas Station Remediation- From Contaminated Site to Prime Redevelopment Opportunity

SR&R Environmental recently completed the remediation of a site that, like a lot of gas stations, had experienced its fair share of problems through the years. Unfortunately, it is an all too common fact that underground storage tanks (USTs) leak their fuel into the surrounding soil. When they do, not only does the station lose money in the form of lost inventory, but more importantly, the soil and groundwater surrounding the tanks are contaminated. Sometimes these sites are candidates for long-term remediation systems that help the groundwater and soil slowly improve over time. However, sometimes the site is too problematic or the property owner decides to do something else with the land. At this point, the tanks and the contamination need to be removed.Gas Station Tank RemovalIn this case, a long-term client decided to decommission their gas station after realizing that the site could be better utilized for prime development close to Wrightsville Beach. After consulting with different options, it was determined that the best course of action was to remove everything and return the site back to its original condition. SR&R was selected based on our breadth and depth of experience working in and around gas stations and contaminated sites. After a plan was formulated and approved by the state, SR&R was ready for action.

Using our high-capacity vacuum trucks, we removed the fuels from the underground tanks and brought them to our site for recycling. As excavation began, the tanks were opened up, residuals removed, and the tanks cleaned and removed for disposal. As with most underground storage tanks, there is usually some amount of contaminated groundwater in the excavation. This water was removed via vacuum truck and taken to our site in Wilmington where it was sent through our water treatment plant to remove any and all petroleum contamination. And finally, after all contaminated soils were removed and hauled offsite for permitted disposal, the site was backfilled and returned to original grade with virgin native soils.

Starting with what was once an environmental liability, this is yet another site that SR&R has returned to pre-contamination condition. Sites like this exist all over America where previous operations, be it gas stations, manufacturing, or chemical storage, have left residual contamination that just won’t go away on its own. But with our advanced knowledge of the rules, regulations, and processes governing these sites, we can safely and efficiently guide landowners through the process of fixing the problems so they can sell or redevelop their land. In New Hanover County where land for development is selling at a premium, this is often a better option than trying to start with vacant land. Furthermore, there are often funds or incentives available for this process. which is why smart property owners across the Southeast trust SR&R to help protect and repair their investment.

For more information on how SR&R handles contaminated soil and water, please contact us!

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