Wet/ Dry Vacuum Truck Service

Whether it’s a liquid, a solid, or somewhere in between, SR&R’s Wet/ Dry Vacuum Trucks can suck it up and haul it off.  We operate one of the largest vacuum fleets in the Southeast to complement our Environmental and Industrial cleaning services.  These specialized units can handle the recovery and transportation of almost any material, even if it’s hazardous.

From residential customers with home heating oil tanks, to large scale industrial projects requiring thousands of tons of recovered product, we’ve got you covered.   We’re one of the few companies that can handle large volume recovery efforts, and with our in-house waste treatment and disposal options we can provide an unmatched turnkey experience.



Specialty Applications:


Whatever your material, whatever your application, and whatever it’s stored in, SR&R has a solution for you.  And we operate 24/ 7/ 365.  For more information on how our Vacuum Truck Services can help simplify your project, please contact us.

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