Hydroblasting, also known as waterblasting, is the process of using extremely high-pressure water (10,000 psi-40,000 psi) to remove scale, deposits, and material from internal or external surfaces.   As opposed to traditional media blasting which takes intensive setup, water blasting can be quickly deployed anywhere there’s an adequate water supply. And instead of the tremendous amounts of media waste generated during traditional blasting, there’s just water to deal with.

Depending on tip selection, you can remove fine deposits from the surface like paint or rust, or you can dial it all the way up to cut steel.  But when it comes to cleaning pipes and process tubing, that’s when a hydroblaster really shines.

Whether small diameter tubes in heat exchangers or larger diameter process pipes, SR&R can “lance” it and get it cleaned.  Though a very specialized service, the applications for hydroblasting are numerous.

For more information on how SR&R’s Hydroblasting services can help you clean your tanks, vessels, or lines, please contact us.

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