Vacuum Tanker Service

While SR&R is best known for our vacuum truck services, we also operate a large fleet of vacuum tankers all across the Southeast.  Built to the rigorous DOT Hazmat standards, these stainless steel high volume tankers provide the greatest level of protection for your product, as well as the greatest level of chemical compatibility.  They are also the safest way to transport hazardous materials and hazardous wastes. And since they are self-contained vacuum units, there’s no need to provide a pump to load our tankers. As long as we can get a hose to it, we can suck it up and haul it off.

Applications Include:

While vacuum trucks are the undisputed workhorses for environmental services, vacuum tankers carry a much larger volume per load, thereby drastically cutting down transportation costs.  For more information on SR&R’s transportation services, please contact us.

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