Home Heating Oil Tank Removal

Home heating oil tanks are an almost constant source of frustration for property owners.  Almost all of them leak at one point or another and this contaminates the surrounding soil and groundwater.  For above ground tanks, this is usually a relatively straightforward process involving:

  • Pumping out the tank
  • Removing the tank
  • Removing the contaminated soil and contaminated groundwater

But for underground fuel tanks the issue is a bit more involved.  Sometimes the contamination can leave the site and contaminate neighboring properties, or go up under the foundation.  However, SR&R Environmental has a simple solution.

Whether you have a small underground home heating oil tank, or a gas station with multiple 10,000+ gallon Underground Storage Tanks, we can.  We have removed countless tanks across the Southeast and returned the sites back to pre-contamination condition.  We can handle every aspect of the process to provide a turnkey solution for your property:

As an additional layer of protection for you and your property, initial assessments, closure reports, and consulting during the process are all performed by 3rd party licensed consultants and/or engineers.  This provides you with a neutral third party’s certification that the work has been done in accordance with all local, state, and Federal guidelines.  This protects you from the liability that many property owners incur when “some guy and a backhoe” do a poor job on a “tank yank” and leave them with a mess.  Often these unlicensed companies do little more than the remove the tank itself, leaving you with contaminated soil or groundwater.  Not only does this pose a health risk, but it could create significant legal troubles if you ever try to sell the land.

Partnering with SR&R for your home heating oil tank removal means peace of mind.  Get it done now, and get it done right.  Please contact us for more information.

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