Meth Lab Cleanup and Decontamination

Meth labs present a serious set of challenges for the environment and human health.  There’s the methamphetamine itself, but there’s also the chemicals used to create it.  Various industrial solvents and hazardous materials are used in the creation of methamphetamine, and they are usually stored in unsafe and unlabeled containers.   If not handled correctly, they can be very dangerous, and incorrect disposal creates a whole host of legal issues.  Improper handling of these sites frequently leads to the structure being condemned and demolished.  Don’t risk it; call SR&R.

From the moment we’re dispatched, we’re working to get your property quickly restored to its original condition.  We can identity, package, and then dispose of all materials at the site in accordance with all local, state, and Federal regulations.  We can also perform a turnkey demolition and renovation for sites with more serious contamination.

At every step of the process, SR&R Environmental is there to help you.

For more information on getting your property cleaned up discreetly and completely, please contact us.

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