Waste Identification and Profiling for Disposal

Do you have unmarked or unknown chemicals and materials that you’re trying to dispose of?  Have you found an abandoned drum or container?  You know you need to get rid of it, but you’re not sure how to do it.  Improper disposal is not only illegal, it is dangerous to the environment and public health.  It can also lead to incredibly expensive fines or land you in jail. That’s where SR&R can help.

Our Field Chemists simplify this process by providing a turnkey approach.  First, we sample and identify any waste and then create a profile for disposal in accordance with all local, state, and Federal guidelines.  Next, if anything needs to be repackaged, transferred, or relabeled, we have the equipment and materials to do it in the field.  And finally, as an EPA Licensed Haz Waste hauler, we provide the transportation and disposal with all appropriate manifests and compliance paperwork.

Applications Include:

You’ll also rest easy knowing that we have a compliance program that is second-to-none and insurance that far exceeds the industry average.  That’s one extra layer of protection for you.  One call to SR&R is all it takes to safely and correctly dispose of your waste, whether you have one vial for disposal or an entire warehouse.   For more information, please contact us.

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