Fuel Filter Recycling and Disposal

Fuel filters and oil filters cannot legally be disposed of by simply throwing them away or sending them to a municipal landfill. They must be properly drained and recycled, or your facility risks severe fines for improper disposal.  To satisfy these legal requirements, you should only rely on a licensed and insured Disposal Facility. As the “generator” of this filter waste, you are ultimately responsible for it from cradle-to-grave. This means that unscrupulous fly-by-night outfits with questionable disposal practices only create liability for you if they mishandle your waste.

That’s why clients large and small all across the Southeast rely on SR&R Environmental for their fuel and oil filter disposal. We provide all necessary manifests for a paper trail to prove legal, permitted disposal. And every stage of the process is rigorously and continuously audited to ensure 100% compliance with local, state, and Federal regulations.

We can handle every aspect of the project whether you have one drum of filters or a warehouse full.

  • We can pick them up at your site or you can deliver them to us in Wilmington (by appointment)
  • All wastes will be profiled and manifested for compliance with local, state, and Federal regulations
  • Fuels will be separated from the body and recycled into new fuel
  • The filter body will be drained, cleaned, and the metal recycled
  • We also recycle used oil and coolant

The proper recycling of oil and fuel filters is a benefit to your bottom line since you’re no longer dealing with fines and compliance issues.  But it’s also better for the environment since almost everything is recycled. It’s a win-win!

For more information about SR&R’s recycling and disposal options, please contact us!

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