Fuel Polishing

Internal combustion engines require the highest quality, contaminant free fuel to perform to their optimal potential. However, contamination does occur with surprising regularity.

  • Fuel tanks are usually made of carbon steel that rusts, creating sediment layers
  • Condensation inside the tank is a constant factor adding to the water in fuel
  • Diesel fuel with even trace amounts of water allows bacteria to grow that creates significant sediment and an almost mud like consistency
  • Ethanol blended gasoline mixes can experience notorious “phase separation” where water and ethanol create an emulsion
  • Fuel tanks are vented into the atmosphere, allowing dust and other foreign matter in

These factors collectively create an ongoing need for fuel to be dewatered or removed and disposed of, and this is not always cost effective. However, there is a better way with SR&R’s state-of-the-art Mobile Fuel Polishing System. Rather than ditching fuel that has sediment, water, or phase separation, SR&R can quickly fix the issues onsite and leave your fuel as good as new.

Our mobile closed loop system will pump out the fuel, recirculate it through the multi-stage fuel polishing process, and then return it to the tank for use. During the cleaning process, solids, sediment, bacteria, phase separation, water, and any other impurities will be removed down to 1 micron leaving you with fuel that is safe for any engine.  And since the fuel is recirculated back into the tank during polishing, it will stir up any sediment on the bottom of the tank and clean it as well. One call gets you clean fuel and a clean tank.

Applications include:

  • Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) at convenience stores
  • Aboveground Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel tanks for Emergency Standby Generators
  • Marinas/ Boat fuel tanks
  • Diesel, Gasoline, Aviation Fuel, Kerosene, etc.
  • Biological fuel treatment with or without biocide additives

We offer free field sampling to come up with a one-time or periodic treatment program that will save you money and protect your equipment.  If you would like to see if SR&R can help clean your tanks and polish your fuel, contact us today.

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