“Hole Watch” Service

If you’re performing Confined Space Entry on your site, then you need a Confined Space Attendant  or “Hole Watch” at all times while the vessel is occupied. If you’re in need of a trained and licensed confined space attendant, then look no further than SR&R Environmental.

While usually paired with our own Confined Space Entry and Confined Space Rescue services, we also offer this as a standalone service for clients all across the Southeast.  Our Technicians are highly-trained for an unmatched quality of service. They have at a minimum:

“Hole Watch” is not a difficult assignment and this is why so many fly-by-night outfits have started offering it through the years.  But if you’ve ever used one of these companies then you’ve most likely not been terribly thrilled with the quality of their workers, usually temporary hires with little to no training.  Sleeping on the job and wandering off are common. This puts you and your facility at significant risk if something should ever happen during the entry.

However, with our highly trained and thoroughly vetted Field Technicians, we can guarantee a higher level of service and dedication.  And with their cross training in Confined Space Entry, Confined Space Rescue, and Fire Watch, you get more “bang for your buck” whenever our crews are on scene.  For more information on how our specialized crews can help, please contact us.

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