Sectional “No Dig” Pipe Repair

If you have sinkholes, flooding, or low flow in your pipes, then chances are you have damaged pipe that will need some form of replacement or repair. Historically, the only way to fix a damaged underground pipe like stormwater or sewer has been to go through the incredibly destructive and invasive process of “dig and replace.” This involves digging up roads, destroying sidewalks, and bringing heavy equipment into front and backyards. Next, giant holes are dug, the entire pipe is removed, and a new one is put in place. This is expensive, disruptive, and often wasteful since the entire pipe is removed just to fix one trouble spot. But SR&R has a better way to repair your pipes with no digging and no disruption to the surrounding area!

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, our highly trained teams of repair technicians will access your pipe from a manhole, catch basin, or spillway without digging and with minimal interruption to the normal traffic pattern. From there they will perform an inspection using our robotic crawlers that travel in the pipe, creating a video inspection report of the internal condition of the pipe. This report allows us to grade which areas are functional and which need immediate repair.

At this point, property owners can see a high definition video of the condition of the pipe and, with report in hand, can determine which areas they most want to focus on. Without digging up anything, we can create an in-place pipe repair patch inside of the pipe that meets or exceeds the strength and performance of the original pipe. With no significant loss in pipe diameter, this drastically extends the life of the stormwater or sewer system and gets water flowing again for a fraction of the cost. And the best part is that these repairs are not only cheaper than “dig and replace,” they are also much faster! Whether it’s a small sectional pipe repair or a full-length liner, we can help get you back into operation.

Don’t risk flooding! Stop fighting sinkholes and repaving! Contact us today to find out how SR&R can help.

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