Root Cutting

Do you have a sanitary sewer or stormwater pipe that is clogged or draining slowly?  Left unattended, this can lead to expensive and disastrous flooding. And in the case of sewer lines, this can create a significant health risk as sewage backs up.  The most common causes of this issue are sand, sediment, or fat which are all very easy to remove with one of our high-powered jetting units.

However, sometimes this issue is caused by invasive root growth which is much harder to fix.  Drawn to the moisture and nutrient rich contents of the pipelines, tree roots can find even the smallest crack and grow inside.  Feeding off the water and nutrients, they grow and create dense root masses that restrict and ultimately block off the flow entirely.  But SR&R Environmental has the perfect solution.

Using our specialized sewer cleaning units, we can insert a specialized root cutting head into the pipe that can find, destroy, and remove the root mass.

Applications include:

  • Sanitary sewer lines
  • Stormwater pipes
  • Feeder roots, tap roots, root balls
  • Restricted flow, partial flow, or total restriction

Not only can we access the blockage and remove it, but we can also provide you with a pipeline video inspection report when we’re done using a CCTV Pipeline Inspection Camera.  This report provides invaluable data regarding structural and operational conditions inside the pipe, as well as high definition photos of the problem areas.  And last but not least, we can provide “no-dig” sectional pipe repairs to fix the pipe in place without heavy equipment or digging.  For more information on how SR&R can clean and inspect your sewer and stormwater pipes, please contact us.

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