Waste Container Sales

As part of our waste management services, SR&R sells all types of waste containers for storage, shipment and disposal.  These containers are available for pickup by appointment, but we can also usually provide same day delivery for a fee.

Steel Drums

  • 55 Gallon Non-haz Drum (two ring, small bolt)
  • 55 Gallon Haz Drums (three ring, large bolt)
  • Tight head drums (with bungs)

Poly Drums

  • Polyethylene Drums
  • Polypropylene drums
  • Poly open head drums

Overpacks/ Salvage Drums

  • Poly 20 – 95 Gallon Overpack
  • Steel 20- 95 Gallon Steel Overpack


  • 275- 330 Gallon Poly Totes w/ cage
  • Used totes (drained and rinsed)

If you’re trying to dispose of drums or totes, we can provide that service as well.  For more information on SR&R Environmental’s waste disposal services, please contact us.

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