Easement Machine/ Remote Manhole Access

When you need to access remote manways or catch basins for cleaning, you can’t always get there with a standard Sewer Jet.  Sometimes they’re far off in the woods or swamp and all but impossible to get the truck to.  Often the manhole is out in a sensitive area like the greens of a golf course where a truck can’t reach. And so much jetting hose is wasted just getting to the hole that you can’t reach far enough in to clean once you access it.  But SR&R has a simple solution.

SR&R’s remote driven “easement machine” hose reel makes it easy to access and clean even the most remote points of entry for your stormwater or sanitary sewer system. In backyards, fairways, swamps, and forests, we can access the hardest to reach points and clean them without rutting or damaging the surrounding area. And once we’re done cleaning it, we can even provide you with an offroad PACP Compliant CCTV Pipeline Inspection, complete with high definition video of the structural and functional condition of the pipe.  SR&R can clean what others can’t even reach.

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