Marine Spill Response

“The best at handling the worst”

SR&R was founded first and foremost as an emergency oil and chemical spill response company, quickly attaining status as a US Coast Guard approved Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) for marine spills. Though we have grown and diversified into a wide array of other services, we still pride ourselves as being one of the best in the business when it comes to handling emergency spills. We now stand as one of the few companies who can provide turn-key emergency response on either land or water, for spills large and small.

“One call solves it all”

We keep at constant readiness a fleet of boats, vacuum trucks, vacuum tankers, and myriad recovery devices for spills everywhere from the smallest ditches to the open ocean.  We have successfully contained and recovered millions of gallons of just about every imaginable spilled product, and then provided the most cost-effective remediation of the site afterwards.

From the initial first response, to final disposal and site remediation, SR&R has you covered every step of the way.   We also are one of the few emergency spill responders on the East Coast with in-house waste disposal capabilities which translates to significant savings.

When every second counts and you absolutely have to have it done right, call SR&R Environmental.

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