Oil Water Separator Cleaning

Oil water separators (OWS) are effective, but they do require periodic maintenance to perform as designed.  Over time, solids accumulate in the chambers thereby reducing the capacity, flow, and effectiveness of the separator itself.  If these solids are not periodically vacuumed out and disposed of, a bypass can occur which will allow oil to be discharged instead of cleaned effluent.  This can lead to a permit violation and expensive compliance issues.  Don’t risk it; call SR&R Environmental.

We provide a turnkey solution to your oil water separator cleaning to keep you functioning and in compliance.  Our high capacity Wet/ Dry Vacuum Trucks can empty even the largest OWS and safely transport the oil, sludges, and solids to our facility for disposal.  And if manned entry is required to ensure adequate cleaning, we can send in our specialized confined space entry cleaning technicians available.

We are there at every step of the way to get you cleaned up and back in service:

For more information on how SR&R can keep your vessels clean and compliant, please contact us!

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