Vacuum Excavation

Excavating around underground utilities is tricky and often dangerous.  And smaller excavations end up being unnecessarily complicated when you have to mobilize an excavator, dump truck, road tractor, lowboy, etc. just to make a few small holes.  That’s why vacuum excavation or “soft dig” methods are a win-win. There’s only one piece of equipment and the whole process is safer!

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we can use either high-pressure water or air to excavate around even the most sensitive of utilities.  Since the unit is self-contained, all of the soil is deposited into a tank that can then be dumped back in the excavation or driven directly to your preferred spoil site.  And if the soil is contaminated, you can haul directly to the disposal site since it’s already in a DOT approved tank


For most applications, the immense vacuum generated by our Wet/ Dry Vacuum Trucks is enough to move the soil and create whatever size excavation you need.  But if you have harder soils or want to increase production, it’s hard to beat hydroexcavation. Our hydroexcavator uses high-pressure water that is dialed in to cut through soil while leaving even the most delicate of utilities untouched.  And when you’re done, you can dewater the recovered material and fill the hole back in as necessary. And if you don’t want to use water, there’s always pneumatic excavation.

Pneumatic Excavation

In some instances, the use of water for vacuum excavation might not be preferred (or even allowed).  That’s where pneumatic excavation comes in. Using high-pressure air and a specialized handheld lance, we can excavate around even the most sensitive of utilities, disturbing nothing but the soil.  And when the project is done, the recovered soil is still dry. This allows easier onsite dumping without the need for dewatering. But if you need it disposed of, it’s already neatly contained in the tank and can be shipped to our facility or another of your choice.

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