Aeration Basin Cleaning

Aeration basins perform a vital function in wastewater treatment, but their performance suffers when solids and sludges begin accumulating on the bottom.  To ensure optimal performance, they need to be periodically drained and cleaned out.  Not only does this required specialized Wet/ Dry Vacuum Trucks or dewatering filter presses, but the process is also technically permit-required confined space entry.  That’s why treatment plant operators all across the Southeast have come to rely on SR&R for our broad array of wastewater treatment process cleaning.  Our crews are at work in facilities large and small cleaning clarifiers, EQ basins, holding tanks, and collection systems to name but a few.

With our large fleet of Wet/ Dry Vacuum Trucks supported by crews of highly trained Field Technicians, we have everything we need to provide a turnkey cleaning, transportation, and disposal offering.  At every step of the process, SR&R Environmental is there for you:

With just one call, we’ll handle it all.  Whether it’s a municipal POTW, private industrial wastewater treatment, or a landfill leachate system, we have seen it all and cleaned it all.  To get more information about how SR&R can help you save money and get back in operation, please contact us.

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