Leachate Recovery, Transportation, & Disposal

Does your landfill lack the capacity to treat all of your leachate?  Have excessive flows led to a loss of freeboard? Or perhaps a system upset has you dead in the water?  SR&R Environmental can help. We have recovered, transported, and disposed of millions of gallons of leachate from municipal landfills and power plant coal ash landfills alike.

The process begins with our fleet of vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers which can be mobilized at a moment’s notice, 24/ 7/ 365.  Once onsite, our powerful vacuum pumps allow us to quickly load up large volumes of leachate and package for transport. From there, the waste will be delivered to our facility for disposal or to another facility of your choosing.  If you’d like a turnkey solution, we are one of but a handful of companies who have a permit to actually treat and dispose of landfill leachate. In either case, we can assist in all aspects of the process:

We also provide specialized cleaning services for the leachate collection systems.  For more information, please contact us!

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