Corrosive Waste Transportation and Disposal

Corrosive wastes are broadly defined as aqueous solutions, like strong acids and strong alkaline degreasers, with pH less than 2 or greater than 12.5.  These wastes can present a significant challenge when it comes to transportation and disposal.  First of all, their chemical incompatibilities mean they must be handled with special equipment.  Next, they are technically classified as a “Hazardous Material” by the DOT, so transport must be done in licensed and permitted hazmat units with hazmat drivers.  Furthermore, the EPA’s RCRA regulations classify them as “Hazardous Waste” when they are sent for disposal.  So not only are they rigorously regulated and controlled, but improper disposal can lead to significant fines or worse.  However, SR&R Environmental can simplify the process for you.

SR&R has the necessary permits and licenses for transporting and disposing of these wastes in accordance with all local, state, and Federal regulations.  And with a compliance program that is second to none, and a state-of-the-art fleet of hazmat transportation units, we can offer an unmatched turnkey offering.  Whether you have five gallons or five tanker loads, we can help.

We cover every aspect of the project:

Clients all across the Southeast rely on their partnership with SR&R for handling their hazardous waste streams.  However, we also offer a host of non-hazardous waste disposal options:

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