USCG Mobile Transfer Facility

If you’re transferring MARPOL, fuel, or slops from ship to shore, then you need to use a US Coast Guard approved facility. Sometimes this isn’t feasible at ports (like Wilmington) where this service is not offered by the port, or at private docks and terminals.  However, SR&R Environmental has a simple solution.

SR&R is one of the few US Coast Guard approved mobile transfer facilities.  This enables us to come to wherever your vessel is docked and perform a USCG approved transfer of fuels, oils, chemicals, etc. for disposal.  With a fleet of vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers at constant readiness, we are always prepared for quick transfer of even large volumes. And with our in-house disposal options serving the East Coast, we can provide a turnkey service from start to finish.  When every second counts and you need to get back under way, give SR&R a call.

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