Sewer Video Inspection

CCTV Inspection Robot
Pipelines like sewer and stormwater don’t last forever.  Nor are they immune from needing consistent maintenance. Roots can invade, construction can disturb the placement and joints of pipes, and sometimes older pipe simply collapses.  While our sewer jetting and pipeline cleaning services certainly help to prolong the life of a pipe, to really understand the condition you need to see the inside of the pipe itself.  Thanks to our CCTV inspection technicians, we can now show you everything you need to see underground.

When it comes to inspecting pipelines, it doesn’t get better than SR&R’s state-of-the-art CCTV Inspection services.  Whether stormwater, sanitary sewer, or industrial process piping, our technicians can deploy our remote operated pipe camera robots into pipes from 4” to 120”.  Once inside, our inspection will be documented in a robust, PACP compliant format that provides high definition video and photographs of the internal structure of the pipe.  The accompanying report assesses not only any structural or performance issues, but also assigns a severity factor that can be useful for determining corrective action. We can also offer the option of GIS overlay on Google Maps to accurately map where problems are in relation to surface structures.

Applications and Details:

  • Perfect Complement to our Sewer Jetting Service
  • Stormwater pipe
  • Sanitary sewer pipe
  • Existing Infrastructure/ New construction
  • Industrial process piping
  • 4″-120″ pipe diameter
  • PACP, MACP, and LACP licensed Technicians
  • Robust, High Def. Color inspection report with description, severity coding, GIS overlay, inclinometry, etc.

For more information on how SR&R can clean and inspect your sewer or stormwater pipes, please contact us!

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